Our History

When Doris inherited part of the family farm, she wanted to keep it in the family. She wanted to use the land as it was meant to be used, and try to make something out of it, something that would make her ancestors proud, and something that could be left to future generations. There aren't many options for a small farmer. A vineyard sounded like an attractive possibility, albeit a difficult one. Not one to shy away from a challenge, she and her husband, Eric, began designing the future vineyard in 2007. "How can we keep the deer out? How should we arrange the rows? How far apart should the rows be? How much land should we plant in grapes? What variety of grapes should we grow" The questions seemed endless! Eventually the decisions were made and we moved forward to where we are today! This is only the beginning....


Who We Are

Doris (Wood) and Eric Behnke have two children, Jessica and Alex and this family has been and remains the primary workforce behind the installation and maintenance of the vineyard. With the help of many friends, family and even people we hadn't met before, our volunteers have helped us be the success that we are today; and we THANK them.